UN peacekeeping forces are never in a country unless they've been invited in.

Gary Smith wrote:

> I grant you your right to oppose foreign powers from interfering in
> another nation. But then, perhaps Canada should withdraw from the United
> Nations, as they seem to be in a bunch of nations right now, with
> Canadian forces....
> If you may recall, we didn't come originally into this position out of
> our own volition. We preferred to be isolationists for most of our
> history. It wasn't until Europe dragged us into their exploits, in an
> attempt to keep their wars and fights from pouring over into other areas
> of the world (Boxer Rebellion, anyone?). Not until after the Second war
> to end all wars did we realize we had to be active in the world to keep
> the bad guys at bay and to ensure democracy survived. Were we perfect in
> our attempts? No.  But I can just imagine how much worse the world would
> be in right now, had we not stepped in on occasion. Thanks to our "cowboy
> diplomacy" millions are living in democracies today, rather than under
> the grip of communism, fascism and other totalitarian regimes.
> If you are so intent on Al-Assad and Musharaf, why don't you suggest
> Canada work on them?
> I would be very happy to allow Canada to step in and be the new world
> police force. Heck, I'm sure we could get a few billion dollars a year
> sent your way from our tax base, if you would take it over for us.

The point isn't who fulfills the job, it's whether the job should exist in the
first place. In any case, what I personally am in favour of is a regional
superpower system, whereby the US, for instance, would be the superpower
responsible for North America and the Caribbean. But that's all.

> We have, in the past, tried to put more power with the United Nations.
> Remember how we let them go into several nations in the past decade to
> handle the problems? What ended up happening in virtually every instance?
> The French refuse to give their soldiers bullets, and the problem
> children end up laughing in the UN's face. The UN would blow it and turn
> to us to bail them out. Why are we the world's police force? Because no
> one else is serious enough to do the job, and so they keep coming back to
> us to handle it.

This is a misreading of history. In a number of cases, such as Rwanda, where a
Canadian Maj. Gen. was in charge of the UN peacekeeping forces, the UN vastly
undermanned the force, they were encouraged to go in by the US, who promised
materiel support which wasn't forthcoming. It was Belgium which withdrew its
forces in disgust, not France, and Canadians were left with nothing to do but
stand by and watch Tutsis and Hutus slaughter each other. This was at a time when
the US was several billions dollars in arrears in UN payments.

> We have chosen to concentrate on Saddam Hussein first. Why? Because we
> see him as OUR major threat in the area at this time. \

Why? And why him and not Mussharaf?

> If Canada sees
> someone else as a major threat, they are welcome to step in and
> straighten out the problem. Arm chair warriors need not apply. Back seat
> drivers not needed, either.

I'm not a back seat driver. I'm a citizen with the right to vote and express my
opinion. I've voted in every municipal, provincial and federal election for which
I've been present.

> K'aya K'ama,
> Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www

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