> The temple 
> is closed on Monday, isn't it?  I for sure want to do a temple session 
> while I'm there.  It is so hard to get to a temple when one is in 
> Ketchikan.  

Your schedule probably won't allow for it, but you could attend a session in either 
Cardston with Tom Matkin, or Edmonton with me (and Marc, if he's feeling well enough).

If you plan on an Edmonton temple session you will need to bring your temple clothes 
because there are no clothing rentals there.  I presume that few if any small temples 
have clothing rentals.  Cardston of course is a large temple and has both clothing 
rentals and a cafeteria.  Architecturally, the Cardston temple is a great experience.  
It's one of the very few temples in which there is a different room for each stage of 
the endowment.  I think that only Manti and Salt Lake are still like that.  Maybe also 
the Laie Hawaii and Idaho Falls temples too.

Driving times in good conditions
Cardston to Edmonton: 6 hours
Edmonton to Prince George: 8 hours
Prince George to Prince Rupert: 8 hours

So Edmonton to Prince Rupert in a single 14 hour haul is just barely doable.  I 
wouldn't want to try it without two drivers.

Let's look at your itinerary:

Provo to Cardston: 12 hours (Wednesday the 20th and/or Thursday the 21st)
Cardston to Edmonton: 6 hours (Thursday the 21st or Friday the 22nd)
Edmonton to Prince George: 8 hours (Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd)
Prince George to Prince Rupert: 8 hours (Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th)

Okay, so as long as you leave Provo no later than Thursday morning you should be fine. 
 You can stay at Tom's place and either Marc or my place for two of the three or four 
nights and that will help the pocketbook.

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