After much pondering, Mark Gregson favored us with:
Your schedule probably won't allow for it, but you could attend a session in either Cardston with Tom Matkin, or Edmonton with me (and Marc, if he's feeling well enough).

If you plan on an Edmonton temple session you will need to bring your temple clothes because there are no clothing rentals there. I presume that few if any small temples have clothing rentals. Cardston of course is a large temple and has both clothing rentals and a cafeteria. Architecturally, the Cardston temple is a great experience. It's one of the very few temples in which there is a different room for each stage of the endowment. I think that only Manti and Salt Lake are still like that. Maybe also the Laie Hawaii and Idaho Falls temples too.
Tom has invited us to stay with him Wednesday night if we can get their early enough. I'll leave Wednesday morning however early I need to. But if I leave Cardston before noon on Thursday, I ought to be able to get to Edmonton about 6:00 PM or even earlier don't you think?

Wait. Edmonton is one of the small temples like the one we have here in Alaska. That means they don't rent temple clothes. And I don't have my own yet, nor do I intend to get any this trip. Maybe I'll see if I can attend a session in Cardston Thursday morning before I head for Edmonton. If we could spend a night with you, that would be great. I don't want to get to Prince Rupert too early. I did that the last time I made the trip and ended up trying to sleep in a Honda Civic with my 6 foot tall nephew.

We have plenty of time to make the trip to Prince Rupert if we leave Friday. And we are going to drive straight through with both of us driving in shifts. I'll probably drive at night and let Becky drive during the day. She is a brand new driver. And I would just as soon she not have to start off her driving career with a lot of night driving on a strange road. Is the road from Edmonton to Prince George as good as the road from Prince George to Prince Rupert?

Anyway, I'm still just juggling things in my mind. I'm actually pretty excited about this new adventure, not to mention having my daughter and her husband living a little closer. Becky has health problems, and her mother worries about her being so far away.

I'm also really glad she is moving to Juneau. If she and Jeff settle there, when Esperanza retires from the government in about 2 years, we are more likely to stay here in SE Alaska if Becky is up here. And to tell you the truth, I have not been looking forward to moving south. I just love it up here in the north country. The air is clean, and that is important to me, not so much because it is healthier to breathe, but because it doesn't muck up my view of the mountains.

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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