John W. Redelfs wrote:
> Ron Scott wrote:
> >If that's how you define, eternal marriage  between one man and one 
> >woman, 
> >then  no problem.
> Between man and woman.  According to D&C 132, plural marriage is OK as 
> long 
> as it is authorized by the priesthood.  --JWR

And, technically, it *is* presently authorized in one very specific 
instance:  Brother A is sealed to Sister B.  B dies.  (By definition, 
this sealing continues beyond death.)  Brother A can at a later point be 
sealed to Sister C.  In fact, I think that was what happened with Howard 
W. Hunter.

It's only when A seeks to be married to living sisters B, C, D, (etc.) 
*simultaneously* that Official Declaration #1 comes into focus.  /Sandy/

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