There are those on this list that in the past have argued that Eternal
Marriage is NOT essential for exaltation.  Exaltation is living in the
presence of God the Father and receiving His blessings.  Yet it is suggested
that to live in the Celestial Kingdom it is not necessary to have an Eternal

I beleive that is wrong and agree with the opening statement, but the Church
as a whole does not believe this as it is a common beleif that you can gain
the CK and still be single.


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> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > Eternal Marriage Is Essential for Exaltation
> >
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> > Anyone disagree that this is official Church doctrine?  Our missionaries
> >
> > teach it to investigators and it is taught to all new members as part of
> >
> > the Gospel Essentials Sunday School class.  Is this controversial, or
> > what?  Are any of the Brethren divided on this?
> I certainly don't believe these is any division, but wonder if perhaps
> the focus has shifted more towards the preservation of _existing_
> marriages.  For instance, just in the last few weeks, in our ward alone,
> we've had two couples get separated, and in the prior year and a half,
> three divorces were finalized.  Four of these were temple
> marriages...the fifth might be also, but I'm not sure.  And that's just
> the stuff I'm personally aware of...I imagine the Bishop might have
> knowledge of others.  But mainly I just get the sense what our ward is
> experiencing may not be an anomoly.
> Celestial marriage is important...if I didn't think so, I wouldn't have
> written so many "woe is me" posts over the years.  ;-)  But the
> covenants made in the sealing room won't exactly hold a lot of water if
> the persons who made them don't follow through, or in other words,
> "endure to the end."  Even worse, children get caught in the crossfire,
> and their spiritual state has to be considered as well.  I tend to think
> the Lord may hold such parents responsible to the extent that their
> children have fallen away as a direct result.  /Sandy/
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