Sandy and Melinda Rabinowitz wrote:
Celestial marriage is important...if I didn't think so, I wouldn't have
written so many "woe is me" posts over the years.  ;-)  But the
covenants made in the sealing room won't exactly hold a lot of water if
the persons who made them don't follow through, or in other words,
"endure to the end."  Even worse, children get caught in the crossfire,
and their spiritual state has to be considered as well.  I tend to think
the Lord may hold such parents responsible to the extent that their
children have fallen away as a direct result.

I remember those "woe is me" posts, Sandy. And when I see how the Lord has blessed you since, it builds my faith. Would that all the single men in the Church were as devoted to keeping the commandment to marry as seriously as you did and do. --JWR

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