On Jan 24, 2008, at 11:59 AM, Shane Hathaway wrote:
Instead, I've been comparing ZEO+FileStorage with RelStorage +PostgreSQL.

Makes sense, although I'm not sure how much. :)

In that light, my most recent graphs suggest that RelStorage wins especially as you scale up. YMMV of course!

Benchmarks are hard. For example, in realistic tests, at least realistic tests that we care about, you have to model multiple clients writing. I think this will tend to mitigate the network overhead. I predict that the ability of the storage server to commit data will still be the bottle neck for write throughput and I think that will be a function of the actual storage used.

One of the projects I'm thinking of working on spoon are some simple benchmarks that could be used to explore performance.

Even if RelStorage wins, I'm sure Jim won't stay still. I bet a lot more performance could be squeezed out of ZEO

I imagine so, especially by coming up with a better threading model on the server. I personally tend to care more about throughput than actual the time for individual transactions.

and ZRS.

Note that we have a newer spread-less implementation of ZRS. At least for this newer implementation, I don't think ZRS has any impact on performance.


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