Shane Hathaway wrote:
Wichert Akkerman wrote:
I think the onle proposed changes that would be in this new 3.9 are your

Scratch the proposal--I suggested it when I didn't realize Zope 2.11b1 was already out.

invalidation patch and my authentication patch, is that correct? Considering the interest there appears to be in RelStorage that may make a lot of sense - currently we need to monkey-patch ZODB to use RelStorage and I'ld rather not have to do that.

Minor correction: the patch is a normal patch rather than a monkey patch. I don't think a monkey patch is appropriate for this.

Right, I misremembered. Right now for deployments have to patching the ZODB shipped with Zope to be able to use RelStorage. I thought we do that using a monkey patch, but we appear to be doing that using a buildout recipe instead.


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