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Customer has zones with 3 out of 4 default inherit-pkg-dir, each zone has its own /usr. They are reporting that a DST patch did not install correctly in the non-global zone.

Was that "3 out of 4 zones has all the default i-p-d's" or "the zones have 3 out of the 4 default i-p-d's" ??

If the latter, the answer is "that's not supported, and the results are not well understood."

Perhaps related to this, last week I had another question about patching a zone which had an /opt inherit-pkg-dir. Assuming that SUNW_PKG_ALL_ZONES is false, if part of a package is installed in /opt, and part is installed in the zone's copy of /var, what should I do to install or patch? If I use pkgadd -G in the global zone, it only installs in the global zone. If I use pkgadd -G in the non-global zone, it can't write to /opt.

Assuming that you want to install it in all zones: Did "pkgadd without -G" in the global zone not work? That's what I would have done.

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