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Inheriting 1, 2, or 3 of these dir's isn't called anything, and very little,
if any, testing has been done to see what happens with those.

See for some more info.


I've been using zones since before Sun was shipping Solaris 10 CD's,
with various combinations of inherit-pkg-dir and have followed
zones-discuss regularly for a very long time.  This is the first that
I have heard anyone mention that only SUNWdefault SUNWblank are the
supported configurations.  If that is the case, why on earth does
inherit-pkg-dir exist in the zonecfg man page?  I see nothing about
the supportability of alternate inherit-pkg-dir selections listed in
the page above.

Sorry Mike, and anyone else confused by my brevity. I'll try to be clearer by being even briefer: ;-)

Good: "sparse-root + inherit-pkg-dir of anything except /usr, /lib, /sbin or /platform"

Good: "whole-root + inherit-pkg-dir of anything"

Bad: "sparse-root + inherit-pkg-dir of /usr, /lib, /sbin and/or /platform"
   That was the "Inheriting 1, 2 or 3..." part.

Did that help?

I made the same statement you are making (either inherit all four or inherit 
none) to
a customer during a presentation today, and said to myself "self, if that is 
all we
support/recommend, why do we not make sure that one of those two is verified 
the config or install?".

Although I said those are the two, looking at the doc you referenced, it does 
not say
you must only inherit all four or none, that partial configurations are not 
The strongest word I see is 'default'. I understand the reasoning for only 
two configuration options instead of all 16. Maybe it needs to be stated more 
and enforced.


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