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Customer has zones with 3 out of 4 default inherit-pkg-dir, each zone has its own /usr. They are reporting that a DST patch did not install correctly in the non-global zone.

Was that "3 out of 4 zones has all the default i-p-d's" or "the zones have 3 out of the 4 default i-p-d's" ??

If the latter, the answer is "that's not supported, and the results are not well understood."

The latter. I seem to have missed this email thread, can you tell me about the "not supported, not well understood" part? Trim the alias if it's been discussed to death, or just point me to a link. Thanks!

Hmmm... I don't recall when this topic was last discussed, but all supported zone config's are either "sparse-root" (the default, which means "inherit /usr, /lib, /platform, /sbin") and "whole-root" (don't inherit any of those four).

Inheriting 1, 2, or 3 of these dir's isn't called anything, and very little, if any, testing has been done to see what happens with those.

See for some more 

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