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See for some more info.

Hmm ... this does not admonish that you should not use zero i-p-d or all four. I agree with Steffen that if this leads to an unsupported environment the customer should at least get a warning in the doc. I would say I'm fairly familiar with zones and this is news to me. I realize we can't itemize everything that may lead to an unsupported system (how would we know?) but my interpretation of the doc is that we make it easy for the customers to use a -b template or a default template, but they can pick and chose. I hope this is not unsupported, if I were a customer and I found this out through a service call I would be a little aggravated.

Regarding the other customer's question about a zone with all four + /opt i-p-d, I believe their intention was to patchadd -G in each zone that requires it.

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