mario heimel wrote:
hi steffen,

+1 from me

why you must find the statement, that it is not supported on a mailing list or 
forum and not in the official docs/man pages, and why you can install zones 
with this unsupported setup ?
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But it is supported?
No doc mentions that it is not supported. ( or at least none that I am aware of )

patching a zone with
/lib /platform /sbin inherited

will lead to the same result as one with
all four default dirs inherited.

That is patching will work, the /usr in the first will be patched with any binaries etc that are relevant to /usr, the patch undo that is reated to patchrm the patch will contain the binaries that existed prior to patchadd and so on.

If there is a case where this does not exist and the customer was running the latest patchadd patch ( 119254/119255, SPARC/x86 respectively )then it is a bug IMHO.


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