Jerry Jelinek wrote:

James Carlson wrote:

 Is that your understanding as well?  So maybe
there could be an issue if we had a patch that was not suitable for use in
a Solaris update but that was issued asynchronously?

... or that was just handled differently in the update.  I know we've
done some special things in patches outside of the updates, especially
with zones and outside of ON.  I'd suggest asking Enda O'Connor about
these, so that (if it is a problem) you can at least detect it and
fail out.


Good suggestion.  I'll fire this off to Enda.

need to think about this one alright,
in general I'd be concerned about the likes of application patches more than ON patches which in general tend to be more structured. Application patches, such as JES can be very script orientated and very specific tin how the patch gets installed.

ON patches that use scripting should be ok ( even the worse cases like KU's, would in general be ok once the bits are on the system )

But patches outside ON can be very case specific, ie the install instructions woudl be very specific in relation to how the patch gets installed.

I'll ask people more familiar with non ON patching to get their opinion.


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