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Jerry Jelinek writes:
>      to upgrade to.  Pkg operations on pkgs with the SUNW_ALLZONES attribute
>      set must be run from the global zone, the operation will be performed on
>      all native zones, and this behavior is built-in to the pkg commands.

This document describes in detail how the packaging bits will be taken
care of.  But how are patches re-run to update the zone on attach?  We
don't have copies of the patch metadata (the scripts) around in usable
form, do we?  Do we just 'assume' that those patches never do anything
useful to any non-global zone?

Does the equation change at all if relevant scripts were copied to
/var/sadm/patch/<patchid> when the patch is installed?  It would be
the responsibility of patchadd (or related behind the scenes tool) to
put the scripts there.  Presumably a flag saying "no scripts are
required" would be helpful to distinguish between systems that were
installed before and after this mechanism was implemented.

It would also be useful to be able to "fix" an existing system to set
the aforementioned flags or copy the scripts into place.  This could
be done either through looking at the unapplied patches or through a
web service that just provides the required scripts.  A web service
may be a lot of work for what should be a relatively short term


Mike Gerdts
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