Ihsan Zaghmouth wrote:
> Jerry,
> How the *"update on attach"* is planned to be deployed, patch update or next 
> release of solaris10 U5 ?

I am currently working on getting this done for nevada.  Once it is
integrated there then we'll see what S10 update we might be able to
get into.  I can guarantee it won't be S10u5 since the code isn't
even integrated into nv yet.

> Does this address the *patch management of a migrated zone in "configuered" 
> state* and  abscent from the node intended to be patched ?

I am not sure what you mean here.

> In other words, If the patch manager on local node and "update on attach" on 
> target node work hand in hand, SAN would be the prefered zonepath
> for  zones, so we may get away from the sprawl of zones and standbys we have 
> to 
> deploy to host applications on different nodes today.
> We have been waiting for this important feature to architect an efficient 
> simple 
> to administer environment for hosting applications in zones.
> Please advise.

This does not use patch manager and does not really install patches
per se, although patches are inherently applied.  The best thing to
do is read the spec in the ARC case and then let me know if you have
further questions.



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