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Ihsan Zaghmouth wrote:

How the *"update on attach"* is planned to be deployed, patch update or next release of solaris10 U5 ?

I am currently working on getting this done for nevada.  Once it is
integrated there then we'll see what S10 update we might be able to
get into.  I can guarantee it won't be S10u5 since the code isn't
even integrated into nv yet.

Does this address the *patch management of a migrated zone in "configuered" state* and abscent from the node intended to be patched ?

I am not sure what you mean here.
In an HA setup where servers with zones that need to be patched, we amy follow one of 2 methods that are supported :

1) Liveupgrade or Patch an ABE localy and wait for a maintenence window to bring all on ABE, including patched zones on same ABE 2) Switchover all Resource Groups and their associated zones (detach/attach) to the failover node(s), in a planned order for patching the servers (GZ). can't wait for patch process, applications up and running on Failover Patched/Unpatched Server. So, Patch the diserted nodes and Switchover back all Resource Groups and their associated zones (detach/attach), that is where "update on attach" kicks in for the zones. Patch the switched from node(s) one at a time, and all your hosting servers is upto latest patches, which simplifies the "update on attach" the next time around.

That is what I meant

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