Anne Moore wrote:
> James
> I am definitely using OpenSolaris as that's what I downloaded and installed,
> (excuse me if it's not called "10").
> <<it sounds like you need some local support>>
> I feel sorry for you James. It appears you must put people down to feel
> better about yourself. Why not go to a shrink for help?! 

Ann!  He means you need local Solaris Service support.  But you 
mentioned that you do not a service contract somewhere in your emails.

> You gave a very obvious (LOL) answer that a novice level would give. I need
> SENIOR level engineers helping out. I take care of 312 Solaris boxes,
> including VM's. I tried all the trivial normal stuff like what you
> suggested.
> You "SUN" guys/gals told me I could NOT migrate all of my zones from one
> patch level to another. WRONG. I migrated 11 such zones and each is working
> perfectly. IN fact, I think you should come to my Solaris classes. You would
> learn quite a bit.
> Next time, ask a real engineer before you respond.

James *IS* one of our very senior engineers.  Yes, one of those "real" 
ones.  He's one of the coders of the features you're using (perhaps 

If you read my email more carefully, I said that the migration you 
attempted IS NOT SUPPORTED.  You have an unsupportable system when you 
modified the index and zones .xml file and move the zonepaths around. 
That it appears to work is not the point.  Is it possible that your 
system hangs on patching and upgrade because you've attempted to do 
things we warned you not to do?  Please don't bash people on opensolaris 
from whom you seek help.

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