On Tue 18 Mar 2008 at 05:17PM, Anne Moore wrote:
> You're wrong here and you were wrong about the migration. Why can't you
> accept that!? You should be asking me HOW I did the entire thing so
> successfully than saying it can't be done. You should learn to WORK with the
> public engineers, not against them. 

Anne, I'm the engineering team lead for zones; maybe we can talk about
your migration technique?  We have a lot of customers asking for either
technical or operational solutions to problems like this.

As you already know, we have 'zoneadm attach' and 'zoneadm detach'
commands which are primitives for implementing various forms of
migration; these commands include an automatic patch and package
revision checker which attempts to validate that the software running on
old and new systems matches.  It is certainly possible to circumvent
this checking, for example using the -F flag to "attach."

In general I caution folks that migrating zones between systems with
differing patch levels may have unexpected results, using the currently
available attach/detach support.  This is because you could potentially
end up in a situation in which configuration files or binaries wind up
fatally out of sync with what is in the global zone.  This is true even
with a sparse zone.  This is especially problematic because when
something does go wrong with mismatched binaries, it can be incredibly
hard to debug.

In a future Solaris 10 update release, we're going to add support for
resynchronizing the zone with the global zone during a migration (attach -u),
thanks to some really hard work done by Jerry Jelinek.  You can read the
design documentation and discussion for this feature here:

I guess what I'd say is that doing zone migrations without a
resynchronization tool is sort of like harrassing your dog (as I did as
a very small child).  The first ten times you do it, the dog might not bite
you.  But that doesn't mean it's safe to do (and I have the scar to
prove it).

> I bash people who bash me, period. Do you want me to cower in a corner an
> cry when someone bashes me!? Have you lost all your sense of dignity and
> courage??

In my view, this list is a no bashing zone (no pun intended).  Let's all
of us please keep the tone as civil as possible.

Many thanks,


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