Nicolas Williams wrote:
> On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 08:48:17AM -0600, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
>> This includes the changes for the feedback I have
>> received so far.  I also added the zlogin.c file
>> to the webrev with two bug fixes.  One of these was for
>> a bug I was hitting during testing of these changes
>> and there is a second bug in zlogin that came in
>> which I also fixed.  So, at a minimum, it would be
>> good to take a look at that additional file.
> Why timeout the poll(2) call when you can have a signal handler that
> writes a byte into a pipe that you could poll() for?
> That's the "standard" way (well, one of them) to handle signals +
> polling.  (E.g., we use it in Sun_SSH.)
> If you do it this way you get more responsiveness and you don't waste
> time waking up the zlogin process when there's nothing to do (this last
> is important w.r.t. power consumption).


Thanks for looking at this.  I'll take a look at
implementing your suggestion.

Thanks again,
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