I received update they did not use a force option to the attach just the
-u.  They noted that no log file was created in the
/var/sadm/system/logs directory of the NGZ.   

This attach was stymied originally by a Veritas package VRTSat that had
patch 117499-02 with garbage characters in the obsoletes field of the
pkginfo file.  Once they followed Symantecs instructions on removal of
the patch and access a clean version from the Symantec ftp site the
attach went OK, allowing the zoneadm attach to recreate the SUNWdetach

The NGZ still shows garbage in the pkginfo information for VRTSat from
the showrev -p data and the kernel patch 138888-01 is not listed in the
showrev output.

I asked them to detach the NGZ and run the attach -u again after
removing the SUNWdetach.xml to see if this time they get a log file



On Mon, 2009-02-02 at 08:25, Jerry Jelinek wrote:
> Geoff Shipman wrote:
> > Jerry,
> > 
> > Thanks for the update on the /etc/release file.  The customer is
> more
> > concerned regarding the kernel patch info not listed in the NGZ.  
> > 
> >>From uname output in the NGZ we can see the kernel matches the
> global
> > value.  Its the lack of showrev -p data for that kernel revision
> that
> > customer is concerned with.
> Can you send me the log from the zone update.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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