Glenn Faden wrote:

Well, it doesn't have to be possible.  Instead it should be possible to
have the mount(2) syscall detect the loopback NFS and convert it into a
lofs mount if, say, a flag is set in the arguments, or even by default.

I've thought about doing this in the past, but wasn't sure that it would work. The automounter is has some special processing for NFS, and I don't know what would happen if a requested NFS mount got turned into sa LOFS mount. For example, the automounter attempts to unmount anything it mounted that is no longer busy. So, it might also be necessary to modify the umount syscall to translate NFS umounts to LOFS umounts.

The automounter periodically attempts to unmount anything mounted
atop an autofs trigger node; I don't think anything needs to think
about what type of filesystem it is.  If autofs were to choke on
this, I would expect it to be simple enough to fix it to address
the subtlety.

Rob T
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