You can mount the filesystem tree that you want to share anywhere in your local zone(s). You can do it in the zone configuration (using zonecfg) but you'll need to reboot the zone to take it into account; or using a mount command from the global zone to have the data appear in a running zone.


For the zonecfg case, as in the zonecfg(1M) man page:
       zonecfg:myzone3> add fs
       zonecfg:myzone3:fs> set dir=/appl/fs
       zonecfg:myzone3:fs> set special=/export/appl/fs
       zonecfg:myzone3:fs> set type=lofs
       zonecfg:myzone3:fs> add options [rw,nodevices]
       zonecfg:myzone3:fs> end

The result is: when you are logged in the local zone you'll see an /appl/fs directory showing the content of the /export/appl/fs directory from the global zone. You'll be allowed to write to this directory as you want.

And you can share this same directory the same way in any other local zone in parallel.

I guess this is what you are asking for.


Now about the automounter, I share Nico's point of view, but as far as I know nothing like that already exist, and No, the automounter or a mount request isn't 'clever' enough (or customized enough) yet to handle NFS data shared by the global zone and translate the mount request into an LOFS mount. So be careful with NFS share from the global zone when you have local zones on the same machine.



On 06/29/09 20:51, Yanakiev, Vladimir wrote:
Thanks, William!

Let me ask one more question - inside the non-global zones, their
automounters will still loopback this same file system one more time -
if in the non global zone we see /export/appl/fs, it will be looped back
as /appl/fs. My understanding is, this should be fine - am I right?


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Hello Vladi,

Yes you can use LOFS to all your zones to share the file system providing r/w access. I would even say that this is your BEST option.

NFS mount in your local zones of a file system shared by the global zone

is absolutely not supported (including autofs access of course).


On 06/29/09 18:25, Yanakiev, Vladimir wrote:
Need a help with a problem. We have VxFS file system, created in a
global zone, and mounted under non-global zone as LOFS. Later, two new
zones were created on the same server, that needed access to the very
same file system. Someone decided to NFS-shareout this file system
the global zone, and NFS mount it on these two new zones. This (to my
understanding) after few weeks corrupted bravely the file system, and
today we experienced the same for second time.

My question is - can I keep the file system in the global zone, loop
back it (with LOFS) to all three zones, providing r/w access to all of
them, without risk to corrupt it again?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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