On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 10:13:34AM -0400, Moore, Joe wrote:
> The global zone could be the one running automount.  Since it knows
> what host is "local", it'll convert the nfs mounts to lofs
> automagically.
> For each zone, add the zone's automount entries to
> global:/etc/auto_master as /zonepath/root/home +auto_home
> vers=3,nosuid (for example)
> Haven't tried it.  It would muck up NFSv4 identities, and blur the
> lines between the global zone administrator and a local zone admin.

The problem with this is that it takes something important (sysadmin
independence) away from zones to fix a relatively minor problem and
greatly complicates the automounter and g-z administration in the
process.  For example, the automounter would now have multiple distinct
-hosts mounts to implement, and we'd have to augment the mount(2)
syscall so that the zone ID into which the mount should be made can be
passed by the automounter in the g-z (so that we don't "muck up NFSv4
identities"), and so on.

Ideally we should fix the NFS loopback mount VM issues.  Anything else
is a band-aid, though perhaps a welcome one.  If we're gonna put a
band-aid on it should be a simple one.  Not that the other alternative
being discussed is necessarily simple either -- the hardest problem
there would be detecting that an NFS mount is from the same running
kernel, but then, this is also a problem in your proposal.

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