On Tue, 2009-06-30 at 10:13 -0400, Moore, Joe wrote:
> William Roche wrote:
> > Now about the automounter, I share Nico's point of view, but as far as
> > I
> > know nothing like that already exist, and No, the automounter or a
> > mount
> > request isn't 'clever' enough (or customized enough) yet to handle NFS
> > data shared by the global zone and translate the mount request into an
> > LOFS mount. So be careful with NFS share from the global zone when you
> > have local zones on the same machine.
> The global zone could be the one running automount.  Since it knows what host 
> is "local", it'll convert the nfs mounts to lofs automagically.
> For each zone, add the zone's automount entries to global:/etc/auto_master as
> /zonepath/root/home +auto_home vers=3,nosuid (for example)
> Haven't tried it.  It would muck up NFSv4 identities, and blur the lines 
> between the global zone administrator and a local zone admin.

Yes it will. But isn't it a *separate mode* worth having? If I, as a
global zone admin, decide to make all of NFS traffic go through the
global zone, shouldn't I be allowed to?

In fact, don't we sort of have it already with nfs_global_client_only

What is the reason for not making it one of the official ways to 
configure how zones interact with NFS?

Once again, this is not to say, that a total separation of NFS
identities is not needed. 


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