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> Alexander Skwar <alexanders.mailinglists+nos...@gmail.com> writes:
>> What he plans can be done easily using NGZ (non-global zones).
>> An NGZ also adds just a little bit of overhead (if any at all) to the
>> system - unlike vbox.
> So you're saying a zone to handle all backup work is a sensible way to
> go at it...
> Can you tell me what would be the advantage of creating a zone for
> that as against just doing thru the normal os... no zones.

Personally, I wouldn't use zones for this. Zones give you isolation - either
for security or to run multiple instances. (Amongst other things.)  A bit of
complexity for no benefit.

Isolating the mail server in a zone, on the other hand, makes more sense.
Anything you expose to incoming traffic from outside is good.

Nameservice I'm not sure: what acts as nameservice to the global zone?

One thing I've found to be true though: either a machine is all zoned, or not.
It gets horribly confusing to have real activity in the global zone,
where you can
half see the non-global zones, so if you have zones on a machine then it's
easier to run nothing in the global zone and just use it as an administrative

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