> Instead of a separate distro, perhaps it would be simpler for
> everybody if there was a "no-GUI server" installation option that
> simply doesn't install the GUI tools. Would that meet your needs?

Thanks for the quick response Jeff!

We also already did have a discussion about having a minimal server 
installation option for Cayman / Indiana here:


and Alan Coopersmith said they had some problems getting IPS and the Cayman 
installer to inter-operate with each other to allow you to choose which 
packages you wanted in time for the 2009.06 release, which was why I suggested 
it might be easier to just create a minimalized "server only" distro for 
Indiana like Ubuntu did for Ubuntu Server than to fix whatever it is that's 
going on with IPS that prevents it from letting you choose what packages to 

IMO it doesn't matter that much whether Sun goes with the "Red Hat" approach of 
having one really big installation DVD / CD set that has a lot of packages on 
it and lets you choose what packages you want to install or whether Sun goes 
with the "Canonical / Ubuntu" approach of having an entirely separate "server 
only" installation CD that doesn't have any X-windows packages on it. Sun 
should just go with whatever method is easiest for them to implement so that 
they can get a decent OpenSolaris Indiana server configuration out to the 
public as quickly as possible so that Indiana can get a foot hold in the data 
center vis-a-vis RHEL and start to become a source of immediate revenue for Sun 
in terms of server support contracts. I will say though that in my opinion the 
Ubuntu Server method has a very slight advantage over Red Hat in that their 
"Ubuntu Server" distro is a little faster to download and install than RHEL is 
and it's faster and easier to configure and set up as well b
 ecause it focuses on just doing one thing and doing that one thing well and 
doesn't try too hard to be all things to all people.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that many server users would like to 
have "virtual consoles" configured by default on the server instead of 
X-windows so that they can switch between different command line consoles. As I 
understand it, X-windows doesn't work properly if you have the virtual consoles 
enabled on OpenSolaris (see links below):



so if we have to choose between either having X-windows OR virtual consoles, 
why not have a server only install that removes GNOME and X-windows and instead 
immediately gives you a working virtual consoles implementation during the 
first reboot right after the install is finished. A specialized server 
installation would have an advantage in that virtual consoles would "just work" 
and the sysadmin wouldn't have to waste his precious time using SMF to tweak 
the configuration files and svcadm enable each virtual console one at a time.
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