On (02/16/10 19:03), Dombrowski, Neil wrote:
> I'm new to zones, and this appears to be a conundrum for me: I have a
> global zone that shows multiple default routes (on different
> interfaces). It also shows a third separate interface (clprivnet0) with
> an IP that's not in anyone's documentation(actually there are two
> physical servers set up the same way). My guess is that these two
> servers were to be clustered at one point, but this was aborted before
> I came onboard. Regardless, the global zone's routing table looks busy,
> is it because it's showing the routes for the zones? If so, is it
> possible to have the global zone routing differently than the local
> zones?

hard to answer, without more data on what the subnets for the various
zones are, and what the desired routing is. The global zone's netstat
may show routes that are only accessible from a non-global zone, so the
fact that the routing table is "busy" does not say anything without
more information about the subnet configuration.


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