I'm not quite clear about a couple things...;-)

1.) zones-discuss seems to be the WRONG alias... You better look for
    something related to cluster...;-)
2.) As in setting up Oracle Solaris Cluster and Open-HA-Cluster there are only
    minor differences, why not check the standard Oracle Solaris Cluster docs


3.) I don't get exactly, what you want to achieve...

   - Do you have apache INSIDE a zone, and want to fail over apache from a zone
     to another zone?
   - Or do you want to failover the ZONE from a node to a different node? (and
     have everything inside the zone moved along?)
   -  Or do you want APACHE to START/STOP/MONITOR the failover of a ZONE from
     one node to another node (that's, whyt I read from the way you phrase your
     sentence, but that is not doable... ;-) )

A bit confused...


You (gaurav saxena) wrote:
> Hello
> I am a beginner in opensolaris and zones. I have installed OHAC on
> opensolaris 2009.06. I want to have apache data service failover two zones.
> Please suggest me some tutorial or some way of doing it.
> Thanks in advance
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> Thanks and Regards ,
> Gaurav Saxena

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