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> Gaurav,
> I'm not quite sure, but I doubt, that that might work...
> You can failover local-zone to local-zone, of global to global, but I
> doubt,
> that you can failover from local to global or vice versa... Sadly, I've
> never
> done it... So, I'm only assuming...
Ok. I will see it. Thanks for telling :)

> I assume, you have two nodes. Node1 and node2. On node1 you have your
> local-zone.

Yes I have two nodes node1 and node2 and I have created two zones node1 and
node2 and I have not done anything for failover yet. I have configured the
two nodes using zonecfg and then installed them using zoneadm . But after
zoneadm installed the two zones nothing is contained in the path. So I am
confused that perhaps I did something wrong.
Does zoneadm install behaves in this way on opensolaris?

> Therefore there should be something there. But not on node2, as
> it's not yet failed-over. It should be there on node2 AFTER failover. But,
> that requires some kind of shared storage.

What's where when highly depends on the setup of all those things. Is the
> app
> inside the localzone the thing that fails over? Then you should have zones
> on
> BOTH nodes available. If it's the ZONE, that's failing over, then you only
> see
> it ONCE, at the node, that's currently hosting the zone.
> So, these are very complex scenarios, and as said, are better discussed on
> the
> cluster aliases...
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Ok yes I have posted this problem in cluster aliases also. Thanks for your
help and support.

Thanks and Regards ,
Gaurav Saxena
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