I learned this morning that the Plone 2.1 RC went out (I am told) with
CMF 1.5.2.  The really crucial fix for them (making the pathwalk in
DirectoryView less painfully slow) only really affects people running
from SVN checkouts;  OTOH, SVN is the only way to get the RC.

I assume this means they want to have 1.5.3-final for the pathwalk fix so they can make the Plone 2.1-final release depend on it. Sounds reasonable.

Florent: Quick heads-up to me when you're done with your changes, please.

If we have a go for the beta I suggest cutting the tag and publishing the release tomorrow morning, about 9am british time. That way zope.org won't have traffic from the Americas, making it marginally more responsive ;)


P.S.: I too think that more participation from the main "consumers", the Plone developers, is sorely needed on this list.
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