Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Just to comment on this interchange: Tim Hicks isn't the only one who
> we'd need to explain a few things to in the new world order. We may end
> up with people just dumping packages in SOFTWARE_HOME's 'lib/python'
> directory if we're not careful.

You're right, we haven't prepared people enough for this. I thank Tim
for bringing this problem to my attention :).

Being an advocate of lib/python (or at least the zope3ish way of doing
extensions), I should take some responsibility here. First thing I'll do
today is make sure Zope 2.8+ instances will have a lib/python dir with a
proper README.txt. I will also write a blog entry.

> I have some worries with the current Zope 3 world, as already expressed
> in some earlier discussions with Philipp. There are right now too many
> different ways people package their Zope 3 extensions.

I know 2 different ways: INSTANCE_HOME/lib/python and site-packages. I
think both are sensible and both should be easy enough to understand,
even for brainwashed Zope2istas...

Perhaps I'm missing other ways...

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