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In actuality, the number of products that anyone depends on will not be using this in 2.8, but making it available to 2.8 will give people an opportunity to use this and familiarize themselves. for example, Plone will be on 2.8 for at least another 6 or more months. And some Plone installations, indefinitely longer..

I think people will be on Zope 2.8 until the one product they really want/need requires Zope 2.9 and then they upgrade. I write everyhing for 2.8 now, even though Plone 2.1 also supports Zope 2.7.

It's not that hard to upgrade Zope (at least not if you managed to install it in the first place). And people won't start using and familiarising themselves with these tools because it's available in their Zope version. They'll start because they read some documentation and saw some good examples and thought, hey, I ought to be working like that. And if that documentation says, step 1 - upgrade to Zope 2.9, so what?



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