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Just to comment on this interchange: Tim Hicks isn't the only one who we'd need to explain a few things to in the new world order. We may end up with people just dumping packages in SOFTWARE_HOME's 'lib/python' directory if we're not careful.

I have some worries with the current Zope 3 world, as already expressed in some earlier discussions with Philipp. There are right now too many different ways people package their Zope 3 extensions.

I feel your concern about having more than one way to do it. and about this causing some confusion.

But drawing line in the sand for features that initially will only benefit developers seems like a bad idea to me. But I think the value in starting align development style in z2 with the rest of the python world outweighs a small spike in support burden.

In actuality, the number of products that anyone depends on will not be using this in 2.8, but making it available to 2.8 will give people an opportunity to use this and familiarize themselves. for example, Plone will be on 2.8 for at least another 6 or more months. And some Plone installations, indefinitely longer...

an education problem is an education problem now or later.

On the issue of where packages go, we do need some conventions and giving zope it's own "golden path" would be a publicity boon as well as easier for everyone.


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