Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Andreas Jung is in the process of getting the regular Zope 2 issue collector moved onto Launchpad. He said the Launchpad guys could move other collectors like the CMF collector at the same time. The question is, do we want this?

My vote is "-0.5", mostly because I never used Launchpad. One drawback that was mentioned is the fact that bugtracker emails do not contain the full bug history. From other bugtracker experience I know that's very annoying.

Andreas mentioned some arguments for the move, like having the same user base on all those collectors, the ability to move bugs between them, and a much better user interface than the sometimes odd collector UI.

In general I'm +1.

I agree about the full history in the email, though. Perhaps we can get it at some point if we bug the Launchpad people enough. As far as the user interface is concerned, I actually find the Launchpad one a bit cumbersome at times, too. It's much speedier than our CMFCollector on, though.

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