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[-] means that we don't want/need to convert this
[?] means that we still have to decide if and how this should be
[/] means unfinished

Regarding RSS: you've written

[/] ISyndicatable @@rss.xml (not hooked up):
- [x] RSS.py -> rss.View
- [x] RSS_template.pt -> rss.pt
- [?] rssDisabled.pt

What do you mean by not hooked up? There's not an appropriate action but
the template is configured. As syndicatability is determined by a marker
interface I don't think we need to have a disabled view for it.

Maybe there are better words for this. It's not really relevant at the moment. I have plans to use the same todos for the related changes in profiles or code that links to the views. It just means that no Action or code in CMFDefault links to the RSS feed, so there is nothing that needs to be updated.

I'm fine with not providing a disabled view.

BTW: If scripts or templates like TitleOrId.py show up in different contexts, that doesn't have to be a mistake. I did this if I expect they'll become part of different views instead of sharing one implementation.



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