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 What is, in your view, missing from a final release?
 Laurence proposed some changes for the utilities:

 If we agree that's the way to go, I'd like to have his changes in CMF
2.3 before the final release.

Unless something downstream is dependent on these kind of changes I
don't see any reason to including them at this late stage.

These changes provide better backward compatibility for code using CMF tools/utilities and better forward compatibility for running CMF on Zope 4. (*If* the proposed changes become part of Zope 4.)

We don't have to wait for the Zope 4 release, just for the decision about the changes and for a five.localsitemanager release. Some small changes I made for CMF 2.3 don't play nice with the changes Laurence is working on.

 All the other unfinished tasks can be deferred to CMF 2.4.

Do we have a list of these unfinished tasks?

There are the (incomplete) todo lists for browser views. I'd also like to revisit the names we did choose for the views and make them the default target of Actions.

As soon as we have a complete replacement for the oldstyle skins I'd like to move those skins into a separate legacy package.

(I recently removed the complete skins tool from some of my CMF instances. That depends on a few hacks, but works quite well.)

We also should consider moving the skins tool and the directory view code into a separate package. That code has some dependencies that were removed from Zope 2 (Zope 4) and are not required for sites without skins tool. In the long run I have no ambitions to maintain that code and its dependencies.

Off the top of my head:
correcting the docs.

There are also duplicate DCWorkflow docs. Someone has to figure out if the old .stx docs are redundant and obsolete.

I'd also like to see at least minimal support for a WYSIWYG editor for
HTML-text fields. Not sure if this should be part of CMF or a standalone
formlib addition because of the external dependencies.

Some day I want to switch to z3c.form which has more add ons. I wouldn't spend too much time on formlib specific features.



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