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I think the downsides from leaving it out are:

* Another branch of five.localsitemanager to maintain.

* Incompatibility between CMF 2.3 and Zope 4 once the parent pointer
changes go in.

What's the timescale for that? I don't see a problem with 2.3 being tied to 2.13 and 2.4 being for > 2.13 which I assume Zope 4 is?
2.3 has a slew of changes throughout.

Plone is unlikely to make a CMF upgrade until it removes its
CMFDefault dependency.

Please elaborate.

The main downside to leaving the changes out is the necessity of
another five.localsitemanager branch to maintain. The changes are
compatible with CMF 2.2, but it may not play nicely with the

Did you hit enter too early?

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