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Am 07.09.2012, 09:01 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>:
 And I have a quick and dirty view implementation for local
role/sharing. Reimplementing it based on formlib would be a lot of
work, so maybe I should just check in my code.

As I'm not even sure what it does I'd definitely suggest you check it


I'd also be very interested in your "skinless" workaround. As luck
would have it I was discussing CMF with someone and I think we should
have it in the docs somewhere.

Well. Basically it works out of the box. If you have a complete ZTK skin, you can delete the skins tool.

The sites I converted just use the features that already have browser views in CMFDefault or customized browser views in my own code, so missing views like those for discussion were no problem.

The biggest issue I had to fight with is the fact that zope.browserresource (or the Zope 2 specific version in Five) is much harder to use than static resources in a CMF DirectoryView. Some packages exist that try to provide better resources support, but I'm not aware of any package that resolves my issues.

I really don't want to register each icon separately in zcml, but I want to be able to override single icons. And I want to have some control over the urls of the resources. I want files like 'robots.txt' and 'favicon.ico' in the root, other resources in subdirectories like 'images' or 'resources'.

Currently I use browser:resourceDirectory to register one resources directory per layer, and a special view that walks through directlyProvidedBy(request).__iro__ to find the first layer that contains the requested resource. This is an expensive hack, but does what I need.

I'm still fighting with HEAD and PROPFIND requests for resources. So far I wasn't able to figure out how ZTK handles these. The errors returned by Zope 2 are not useful. Some clients retry those requests several times because they interpret the errors as temporary.

I would also like to add a quick install guide for anyone wanting to use
CMFDefault as a springboard.

Not sure what exactly you mean by springboard in this context.

 I didn't propose to pack all this in CMF 2.3. My list also contains
the next steps after the release.

Where is the list?

I didn't mean a big list. Just the few steps I mentioned in the previous mail.



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