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Charlie Clark wrote:
Am 06.09.2012, 16:24 Uhr, schrieb yuppie <y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>:
 There are the (incomplete) todo lists for browser views. I'd also
like to revisit the names we did choose for the views and make them
the default target of Actions.

hm, I drew up the lists from the existing Scripts/Templates and thought
it was complete. I've just checked again and can only find the following
as not done:

- [?] viewThreadsAtBottom.pt (structure)
- [?] talkback_tree.pt (macros)
- [?] setup_talkback_tree.py
- [?] discitem_delete.py

I have additional data, but still have to verify it and merge it into the CMF trunk todos. Just updated the todo for 'content' and added one for 'skins'.

[-] means that we don't want/need to convert this
[?] means that we still have to decide if and how this should be converted
[/] means unfinished

Some of the issues mentioned in 'content' might now belong into 'discussion'. Please update the todos according to your changes.

And I have a quick and dirty view implementation for local role/sharing. Reimplementing it based on formlib would be a lot of work, so maybe I should just check in my code.

I thought we'd agreed not to make them the default for this release but
remove the "experimental" label from the profile. Personally, I would
like to see them as the default, not least because they nearly all have
coverage. But, we shouldn't be packing too much into a single release.
Maybe because you work with trunk you notice less?

I didn't propose to pack all this in CMF 2.3. My list also contains the next steps after the release.

 Off the top of my head:
correcting the docs.
 There are also duplicate DCWorkflow docs. Someone has to figure out
if the old .stx docs are redundant and obsolete.

There are equivalents for all .stx as .rst. I thought I had moved the
files over but apparently not. I don't know what to do about the
examples. But the .stx files can go.

You moved the docs to the new place, so why didn't/don't you remove the obsolete files yourself?



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