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Am 06.09.2012, 16:58 Uhr, schrieb Charlie Clark <charlie.cl...@clark-consulting.eu>:

hm, I drew up the lists from the existing Scripts/Templates and thought it was complete. I've just checked again and can only find the following as not done:
 - [?] viewThreadsAtBottom.pt (structure)
- [?] talkback_tree.pt (macros)
- [?] setup_talkback_tree.py
- [?] discitem_delete.py

Just checked on these and it looks like there are no views for discussions. So I've added a stub for them and, at least temporarily, moved these putative todos to "discussion".

A bit difficult to write tests for them as I'm currently getting the following error when using the "classic" versions:

Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: SectionValue instance has no attribute 'structured_text_header_level'

We can, and should, revisit naming again. IIRC you weren't happy with my choices of "skins" and "widgets".

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