Paul Winkler wrote:
> If you have mxODBCZopeDA and are using it with zope 2.9 or higher,
> a word of warning:  
>  You *must* use the -k option to the test runner when running
>  tests in your INSTANCE_HOME.
>  Example:
>   ./bin/zopectl test -k
> If you fail to use -k, the zope test runner will delete bytecode for all
> your products - including mxODBCZopeDA, which has no .py files to fall
> back on.  Ouch. I'll investigate further - there might be a bug to file
> against zope.testing.

Why does the test runner delete .pyc files in directories it
doesn't own ?

.pyc files only change if you upgrade to a new Python version,
so there doesn't seem to be a need for removing them in the first
place. Python is also smart enough to detect updated .py files
and regenerate .pyc files from them automatically (.pyc files have
a timestamp builtin).

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