M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
If you fail to use -k, the zope test runner will delete bytecode for all
your products - including mxODBCZopeDA, which has no .py files to fall
back on.  Ouch. I'll investigate further - there might be a bug to file
against zope.testing.

Why does the test runner delete .pyc files in directories it
doesn't own ?

The common case used to be:

1. run tests in a checkout (generates .pyc's for each .py file imported)

2. svn up, which deletes a load of .py files

3. re-run tests, curse and swear that there are still .pyc files lying
   around that got imported, and you only noticed when your production
   environment broke, because you rebuild that out from scratch on

...so the "autho-pyc-destructor" was built ;-)

I have to echo Jens' sentiments though: why not just ship .py files and be done with it?



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