Am 13.10.2006, 15:43 Uhr, schrieb Paul Winkler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

 think for my use case, your workaround of putting mxODBCZopeDA
under SoftwareHome is probably the best.
I'm currently using the test -k flag to prevent bytecode deletion,
but it's only a matter of time before that causes me pain of the
sort Chris described.
I'll put the mx libs in my python site-packages too (since the
testrunner also deletes bytecode in $INSTANCE_HOME/lib/python).

Technically you should actually use $INSTANCE_HOME/modules at least for newer versions of Zope and I think this is also the way to go in the future. We've stuck with $INSTANCE_HOME/lib as this works with so many different versions of Zope which we try and support - helping users install mxODBC correctly is the number one support issue.

Shouldn't be a problem for licensing since our buildout system creates a
dedicated "private" python installation; we're not currently sharing
python or SOFTWARE_HOME across multiple instances, and I doubt we'll
start doing that because it'd take some hacking on the build scripts so
it's much cheaper to just keep wasting disk space.

Sounds reasonable.

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