As far as I can tell from my experiences at work, the answer is somewhere in
between. Yes it acts on all User Folders below the folder containing the CC,
but it seems to get a little confused if the DTML scripts (Or at least some
of them) are not in the same folder with each UF.

Not fully tested as I say, but it is annoying. Didn't there used to be a UF
with a checkbox "Use cookies" in it's properties. Can't this functionality
be added to the basic UF API, to extend all UF's rather than adding an
acquirable object that we might rather not acquire. Surely the nature of the
logon method should be governed by some or all of the following:
1) The site designers wishes.
2) The browsers ability to do Basic Auth properly (Or at all).
3) The users preference (This might be undesirable in some cases).


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> Christian Theune wrote:
> > Hmm. I didn't get an answer right now (well i don't find the question
again too)
> > if the cookie crumbler would interfere subfolders (distor through
> > or would only be active on a "sibling" userfolder, which he is
> I'm really not sure.  I imagine it could be troublesome.
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