Stephan Richter wrote:

> If OF will make it in the core, the ZBabel stuff will be taken out of 
> it in anyway, since no part of Zope has something like that in it. I 
> am also tempted to say that only the ordering module should go in 
> (maybe the limit as well), since other functionality seems too specific.
> Regards,
> Stephan 

I am afraid I must second this opinion.  We recently looked at 
OrderedFolder, thinking to subclass it
to produce our Slideshow product.   The idea was to make a lightweight 
web-based replacement for PowerPoint
where you can define the order of the slides and can hide/show them 

We found that it was actually easier to create our own "OrderedFolder" 
base class and subclass it rather than
use OF because of the extra functionality we did not want.

Of course, the extra functionality is probably really useful for some 
people.  My vote would be to include
_some_ additional functionality like defined orderings in the Zope3 
core, and keep OF as a third party extension product
which people can use or not.  The Zope3 version of OF would then be 
simpler, as it would only have the remaining
functionality (like "reverse" acquisition, setting a max limit on number 
of items, etc.)

To summarize,

I would like to see regular Zope Folders enhanced to optionally have 
some notion of type
( a la  Brian's Zope 2.6 proposal "Object Type Assocation And Death To 
index_html"  )
and basic ordering

I am willing to help out.   I would love to see this functionality in 
2.6 and carry it forward to 3.0...

my 2c,



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