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> Hi!
> What kind of problems does OrderedFolder have? There is no OS-specific
> AFAIK. It is possible that there are browser-specific issues in the
> frontend. But those would be easy to fix ...

Hi :-)

In certain circumstances, if you install OrderedFolder (0.5.1 is last I
checked) without ZBabel, *all* of the buttons on the main OrderedFolder
management page will have "None" for their label.  I have not had time to
narrow down what those "certain circumstances" are, but my iMeme FreeBSD
Zope does exhibit the error, and my Windows box does not.  When I have a
second to breathe I'll try it on Linux with a completely clean Zope install.
One other beta tester of VirtualHostFolder reported this error with
OrderedFolder; I have not gathered information from him as to his OS etc.
It may also occur only when you configure OrderedFolder in a certain way.

My beta tester reported that if you installed ZBabel the problem went away.
I have not tested this on my FreeBSD Zope.

So--who knows.  This needs some testing, if nothing else.  I'll get around
to it when I can, because Stephan said he was unable to replicate the error.
Obviously, I didn't exactly give the most complete bug report ever.  It may
be an interaction problem or anything.  It looks like I won't have much of a
chance to look at this myself until next week.



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