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> > Hi!
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> > What kind of problems does OrderedFolder have? There is no OS-specific
> > AFAIK. It is possible that there are browser-specific issues in the
> > frontend. But those would be easy to fix ...
>Hi :-)
>In certain circumstances, if you install OrderedFolder (0.5.1 is last I
>checked) without ZBabel, *all* of the buttons on the main OrderedFolder
>management page will have "None" for their label.  I have not had time to
>narrow down what those "certain circumstances" are, but my iMeme FreeBSD
>Zope does exhibit the error, and my Windows box does not.  When I have a
>second to breathe I'll try it on Linux with a completely clean Zope install.
>One other beta tester of VirtualHostFolder reported this error with
>OrderedFolder; I have not gathered information from him as to his OS etc.
>It may also occur only when you configure OrderedFolder in a certain way.
>My beta tester reported that if you installed ZBabel the problem went away.
>I have not tested this on my FreeBSD Zope.
>So--who knows.  This needs some testing, if nothing else.  I'll get around
>to it when I can, because Stephan said he was unable to replicate the error.
>Obviously, I didn't exactly give the most complete bug report ever.  It may
>be an interaction problem or anything.  It looks like I won't have much of a
>chance to look at this myself until next week.

If OF will make it in the core, the ZBabel stuff will be taken out of it in 
anyway, since no part of Zope has something like that in it. I am also 
tempted to say that only the ordering module should go in (maybe the limit 
as well), since other functionality seems too specific.


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