Fred L. Drake, Jr. wrote:
Shane Hathaway writes:
> - You have to be careful not to use double quotes in expressions. > (Ampersands and less-than/greater-than signs are tricky too. Watch out > for pairs of hyphens!)

This is FUD.  TAL can handle these things quite well; the "problem" is
that many web developers don't have a clear understanding of layers of
encoding (a seriously unfortunate state of affairs, though
understandable given the time pressures of creating/updating a site).
Encoding quotes inside an attribute values means that the expression
(Python or not) is harder to read, but if it doesn't still work,
there's a bug in the implementation.  I'll be glad to donate some of
my time to fix any such bugs.

Othan than this, I agree with you on this topic.

I'm not quite sure what you're saying. The following fails compilation:

<span tal:content="python: "abc"" />

Hence you need to be careful not to use double quotes in expressions. I run into this every day.

I'm a little wary of expressions like this:

<span tal:content="python: 1 > 0" />

... being converted by buggy XML or HTML software to this (I've seen it happen before):

<span tal:content="python: 1 &gt; 0" />

Finally, if you use a pair of hyphens in an expression and later use XML syntax to comment it out while leaving the pair of hyphens, the block is technically not well-formed.

For example:

<span tal:content="python: 'What should we do--walk or run?'" />

This is not something that should bother anyone, but I wanted to support my assertion. ;-)


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