Chris McDonough wrote:
I've set up a development BackTalk sandbox for the 2.7 edition of the
Zope book at Currently it's just an exact copy of the 2.6 Edition book (comments and
all). I think the plan should be for people to:

1. take ownership of a chapter or two
2. address all the comments in the chapter and get rid of comments
   in places you've addressed.
3. update any material that is wrong wrt to differences between
   2.6 and 2.7.

The "prize" for taking ownership and updating two complete chapters is
your name as a coauthor on the front page (as before ;-).

Erm, "there is no front page... you need to realise the truth: its you who is the front page" </lame-matrix-quoting>

Another thing to do is to incorporate some of John Whitener's changes
"the lost chapter" referenced all over the place within book comments. I wonder if he's still around.

Yes he is, I talked about this to him some time ago. In light of this its maybe best if I do the incorporating

At some point in the future, we can "backport" some of the changes to
the 2.6 book if someone wants to take on that responsibility.

It's advisable to use external editor to make the changes or to maybe
use FTP to get "sandboxed" local copies of the book and make changes
reuploading them as necessary. I've lost track of whether FTP access is
possible or not on at this point, however. Does anyone know? I've tried a few ports but nothing.

Hm, we should make the sources available somewhere. Once starts working again.

Also, is so slow for each request when you're logged in that we
may need to move development to another system.  As a data point, I've
been waiting > 4 minutes for to save a Wiki page... still
waiting.  Hilarious.  Admittedly, it takes a unique brand of apathy to
ignore this, but I've got an excuse.  I'm waiting for the
steering committee to solve it!  Chuckle.  In the meantime, "what
slowness.. I don't know what you're talking about.."

Nono not slow at all merely... andante. Or broken down. Or something.

I have given Manager role in the entirety of the 2.7 edition book to
both Peter and Paul.  Anyone else who wants to contribute, please let me
know which chapter(s) you'd like to sign up to revise and I will provide
you access as necessary. I've set up a project wiki for the project at where people can get a sense
of which chapters are still available.  It may not be available yet...
still waiting for it to save.

I will take ownership of the Installation chapter for now (I will
probably take ownership of some other chapters, but I'll start small...)

Erm, I'd like the Installation chapter. Already started on it. Really, I promise :-)


- C

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